Length of stay: 4 days
Total expenses (2 pers.): 400 EUR

Nowadays, Berlin is very popular among young people. Once it was physically and ideologically divided for 28 years with a barrier know as the Berlin Wall. In 1989 a series of revolutions in Eastern Bloc countries caused a chain reaction in East Germany that ultimately resulted in the demise of the Wall.

  • stay in a city centre – the majority of points of interests are in walking distance
  • you need to book your Reichstag visit HERE
  • BUY your tickets to TV tower online so you don’t have to queue (we waited for an hour)
  • avoid the Shell game – they’ll try to trick you with shills and other cheats
  • want to eat out? try Momo Tavern – great Asian cuisine and burgers near TV tower
Public transport

Public transport is quite expensive but good and easy to orient in.

S+U Bahn fares:

  • 2,80 EUR one way ticket (2 hours)
  • 1,70 EUR short distance ticket (3 stops)
  • 7 EUR day ticket
  • 30 EUR seven days ticket



As usual, here’s a map for you to ease your planning. 🙂