Length of stay: 10 days
Ring road: 1300 km
Actual distance: 1950 km

People say that Iceland is a land of ice and fire. But I would call it a land of sheep and waterfalls. There are about 800k sheep, dozens of waterfalls and only around 330k Icelanders. In March and April 2010, a volcano named Eyjafjallajökull erupted. The cloud of volcanic ash caused major disruption to air travel across Europe. Before this event, around 400k of tourists visited Iceland annually but now it’s almost 2,4 million.

How we did it

When: 17–27 September
How: we flew from Wroclaw with WizzAir, 145 EUR
Transport: we rented a car from Lagoon car rental, 50 400 ISK
Accommodation: we slept in a tent at car stops
Food: we had our supplies and bought basics like bread, milk, …

Other options

When: high season: mid-June through August, “shoulder” seasons: Apr-May and Sept-Oct
How: ferry from Denmark (from 419 EUR)
Transport: hitchhiking, bus (only during summer and quite expensive)
Accommodation: camps (1500 ISK/pers), campervan, Couchsurfing, guesthouses, hotels
Food: cafés, restaurants


Usually, prices are very high. I do recommend to shop at discount store Bónus or Krónan. You should avoid small shops and gas stations because the prices are even higher. Here are some examples:

  • diesel 196 ISK/l
  • gasoline 210 ISK/l
  • SKYR (Icelandic dairy product) 175 – 219 ISK
  • Heinz beans 100 ISK
  • Philadelphia 450 ISK 
  • Pringles 200 ISK
  • bread 550 – 800 ISK
  • cucumber 190 ISK
  • apples 300 ISK/kg
  • burger meal in Reykjavík 2200 ISK
  • drink at Hard Rock Café 2400 ISK (the worst drink at HR I ever had!)

  • “-foss” = waterfall
  • stop at random places to see the hidden beauty
  • want to see aurora borealis? Avoid May-August. There are almost 24 hours of daylight during these months
  • for photos without tourists, visit the main point at “night” (↑ 24 hours of sunlight)
  • Laugavegur trail is open from the end June until the end of August, depending on snow and trail conditions
  • see Hotpot website for geothermal pools and gas stations to stop by
  • check road.is for online road conditions