Lenght of stay: 6 days
Cities: Eilat (2 days), Tel Aviv (3 days), Jerusalem (1 day)

We began our trip quite crazy with a night stopover in Gdańsk, Poland. We almost froze because it was -15°C and we wore only light clothes. We better check the forecast next time haha. From Gdańsk, we flew about 4 hours to Eilat in Izrael where we were sunbathing for 2 days.

Border & security controls – what to expect

All EU citizens do not require a visa for Israel for a maximum stay of 3 months for tourism. But every time you come or leave Israel you have to go through the border controls. We went through this control even on our flight from Eilat to Tel Aviv. Here are some sample questions you might be asked:

  • where do you live?
  • where do you work?
  • do you know someone in Israel?
  • when travelling with a partner – how long are you together? do you live together? where did you meet?
  • when you have a stamp in passport from Arabic country (e.g. UAE) – why did you go there? how long was your stay? did you talk to someone there? do you have a friend there? etc.

On an airport, before you go to departures you have to go through a security control. You have to show all your electronic devices, passport and sharp objects. They might do some testing I’m not sure what exactly it was… They also might ask you a few questions:

  • was your bag with you all the time?
  • have you received a gift from someone?
  • who packed your bag?

These controls are okay, just make sure you have enough time. I do recommend to come at least 2-3 hours before your flight.


Eilat is a city at the tip of the Red Sea with +– 23°C throughout the year. Temperature varies from 21°C in winter to 40°during summer. So it’s a perfect place to warm up a bit and enjoy the sun. Besides sunbathing, there are various activities like trips to Negev desert, camel tours, observing corals or swimming with dolphins. See my map at the end of this article for details. 🙂 Eilat is also a perfect place to take a trip to Petra in Jordan. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time for that :/

Queen of Sheba
Tel Aviv

To Tel Aviv, we decided to take a plane (€56) instead of 5 hours on a bus. It’s the second most populous city (after Jerusalem) and it’s located on Mediterranean coastline. Tel Aviv is popular for its diverse nightlife, fashion, LGBT culture and food. Try one of these bistros when looking for a place to eat: Hakosem, Abu hasan, Hamalabiya, Miznon, Tacqueria. For the main points of interests see the map.

Carmel Market
Streets of Tel Aviv

You can easily reach Jerusalem from Tel Aviv by bus 405 (platform 607/606) for 16 NIS. There’s a lot to see so it is good to get up earlier if you want to visit the most in one day. Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world so I don’t want to bore you with its history. Jerusalem is divided into Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian quarters. It is very complicated so I recommend reading about it in your guide or taking a tour. All those little streets and points of interest… It’s worth spending extra shekels (NIS). If you plan to visit the Dome of the Rock make sure to check its opening hours. Usually it is 7:30-10:30, 12:30-13:30.

Dome of the Rock
Rooftop view

I hope this article was useful and made your planning a bit easier! D.